My aim is for the communication to be fluent, comprehensive and effective.

I specialise in general interpreting, but I also offer certified interpreting. I can help you with the following:tlumočení a překlady Brno

  • phone calls (business or private)
  • business dealings in the Czech Republic and abroad, business trips
  • dealing with authorities

Further more I have experience with interpreting in the following fields:

  • health service (GPs, hospitals, dentists, ultrasound examination, newborn care)
  • local authorities (the police – solicitors, questionings, witness statements (UK), Magistrates’ courts (UK), the National Probation Service (UK), the Inland Revenue (UK))
  • tourism (provision of accommodation, entrance tickets, communication with hotels via telephone)
  • business meetings (foreign trade)
  • training, lectures, services (health and safety, work procedures)
  • organizational provision for workers abroad (language assistance, transport provision, administrative support)
  • phone interpreting (the police (UK), Department for Work and Pension (UK), health services (UK), Job Centres (UK), the Inland Revenue (UK))

In case of an expert topic, it is recommended to provide a necessary basis for the interpreting ahead.

Consecutive interpreting involves waiting for a specific sequence of information from the client and then translating it in the sequence with which it was given. The interpreting proceeds in sequences given ahead.

Informative interpreting is suitable for a smaller group of people when the situation does not allow consecutive interpreting. It is suitable for example in the case of business meetings or trips, to orientate in a foreign environment or to assist when dealing with local authorities. The interpreter sums up the information given in a few sentences.

Certified – in courts, at notaries public, during legal acts such as weddings (whenever authority is required). Certified interpreter is appointed by regional courts. If there is a record of the interpreted act, the interpreter is obliged to sign it and use their official stamp.