“We deal with international business with scrap and raw materials for the metallurgic industry. Whether it comes to documents and letters translation or dealing directly via phone conversations, we are utterly satisfied with the qualities of Miss Slaninová and we can warmly recommend her services.”

Jiří Žatecký, Zatar Ltd.

“She addresses all orders according to the agreement without delays. The translations were precise and delivered fast to our complete satisfaction. Considering her professionalism, reliability, personal approach and keeping the deadlines, I fully recommend her services.”

Robert Máša, ACONSTAV Ltd.

“Reliable and honest individual who has always performed her duties with a high degree of thoroughness, diligence and enthusiasm.”

Jacqui Macleod, Andrew Ltd.

“Hardworking, honest and professional. She was a valued and respected member of my team.”

Joe Apea, Northhamptonshire County Council


John McAllister, Bedfordshire County Council

Clare Hobson, Kempston Community Mental Health Team